Instant Replay

This blog is my submission to the Instant Replay! assignment. There are many other assignments within the video assigment bank on the d1s06 website, however this caught my attention the most.

There is a huge variety of video assignments, this caught my attention the most because it is a light hearted assignment. I seen this as an opportunity to incorporate humour into my work. The assignment brief is straight forward as it tells us exactly want it wants from us. “Choose a video or clip of an action, and then pick a part of the original clip and slow it down to create an instant replay.  Show both the original action as well as the slow-mo instant replay!” After reading the assignment brief I knew I would enjoy this task and my work is always better when I am doing something I enjoy.
After watching the example video it is clear how the editing style of the video is going to be. The actual video shows a girl falling over on roller-skates, I knew most of the examples would be ‘fails’ as these are proven to be the most popular videos for incorporating  a slow-motion instant replay. Further research into looking at other users assignment submissions the general theme is actually ‘epic-fails’. This theme is something I want to stick with and not to venture towards something else, I want to create an epic fail video but I want to add my own twist to it so it’s not so similar to everybody else’s but still the same theme.

The initial idea I want to make into an instant replay on this video of the great Mike Tyson falling off some type of motor-board.

This is actually a perfect example of an epic fail and would make a fantastic slow-motion instant replay, however it would be too similar to everybody else’s instant replays as it’s just another person getting hurt.

Here is the video I have created for this Assignment. When I said I wanted to add my own twist to it, the twist is incorporating a cat. Cat’s videos are extremely popular, if not the most popular type of videos on the internet. However all of these ‘epic fail’ videos mostly show people getting hurt. I wanted to show and create a harmless video of a cat doing something funny that only a cat would do.

I created this video in Adobe Premiere, it was a fairly straight forward edit. What I had to do was import the cat video file into Premiere.cat1

This image shows what it looks like when importing footage into Premiere Pro. After I imported the image I cut down the footage so only the clip of the cat jumping off the television was shown.
title2The screenshot above reads “One More Time!” I made this by adding titles in Premiere then creating the text in the title editor. It says “One More Time!” because this graphic helps put the video into context for the viewer, I also added another title before the slow-motion part of the video started.
cat2In the centre if the screenshot it shows I have set the speed of this clip to 35%. This is to slow down this individual clip so it’s slow-motion. You can also see I have set the final slowed down clip to black and white to fit the theme style of ‘epic-fails’ just like the example video in the brief.

This was a very fun assignment, I wish to do more humorous styled videos or any other fun type of assignments in the future . If you esmy to view the original video of where I got the cat clip from, you can view it here.








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