Pepsi Collaborates With Lidl?

Todays blog is focused entirely on how I completed the Consumer Mashup assignment. This particular assignment is found within the Mashup Assignment section on the ds106 website.

Whilst I was cycling through the different Mashup Assignments using the random assignment shortcut, I found this task caught my attention the most. Looking into the assignment brief, the task was to “Think of anyplace you spend money, and what you most often buy at that place. Then redesign their logo to incorporate your favorite product“. This assignment seems very different, I like how it is made personal to everybody because you have to think what product do I buy the most, where is it I’m buying this product and how can I incorporate this product with the logo of the place I’m buying it at. Most peoples results are going to look very different as we all buy different things from different places and mainly have different creative outputs to design digital media. Here is an example I looked at to further help to grasp the concept of the task, as you can see by the example the logo created was obviously personal to the creator.

I started the process by having a brainstorm of what type of things I buy the most and where I shop the most. Different things sprung to mind, my first thought I was of clothing as I often buy cheap t-shirts from River Island. The only other idea that works as I don’t buy too many things would be to choose something food related as like most people I shop at supermarkets. I decided to go with the supermarket idea so the item I buy the most is Pepsi and the place I buy from the most is Lidl.

To get an idea of how I would incorporate Pepsi and Lidl logo together I looked at a few more examples of what other people did for this assignment. Here is the example to somebody else’s assignment.


This logo helped me out to get an idea on how to merge the two things into one. If you check out this persons example you’ll find the person (Amber Lynn) has merged the cat food brand Whiskas together with American supermarket Target. The logo she created is a great basis to go off of. I personally think it is a very simple, quickly done creation. I plan to use this method of combining logos, though I plan on using Photoshop to add more precision and detail into my logo.

Now i’m going through the process I went through on Photoshop in order to create my logo. The first step I went through to create my logo was importing both Pepsi and Lidl logos into Photoshop to make them ideal to be merged together.

The first step I took after importing the Lidl logo was to remove the text so I can have a nice template to work  with. The way I removed the text was by simply using the paint brush tool to paint over the text with the same colour of yellow which effectively removed the text.

The way I made the Pepsi logo ready to be merged was done by changing the original red and blue to match the shade of red and blue used in the Lidl logo, this was done quite easy using the colour sample tool to get the exact shade. I then removed the white background behind the Pepsi logo so it wouldn’t cover any of the Lidl logo. To finish the Pepsi logo off I added the red ring around the edge of the Pepsi symbol enabling it to fit in flush with the Lidl logo.

The image above is what was created after both the edited logos were merged together. This was done by placing the edited Pepsi symbol on top of edited Lidl logo. At first glance you cant really tell its a mix between Pepsi and Lidl so the final step to do was to add the text on top of this image.
lidlpepsilogoAbove is the finished product, once I added the text to it, it really has come to life. All I had to do was type out the text find a fitting font and single out the ‘E’ which I made red and tilted over just like the red ‘I’ on the Lidl logo.

I don’t really know why this caught my attention, I guess it’s because I seen this as a creative challenge I wanted to tackle. This was a really fun task I enjoy assignments where I’m allowed to let loose a bit and come up with my very own creation or take on things. This is a great task for everybody as most peoples outcomes should be very different.





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