Easy Green – Keep it Simple Stupid!

This is my submission to the create a logo for a design assignment found on the ds106 site. This assignments difficulty is rated 3.5 out of 5 stars. The assignment is called Create a Logo That is Simple But Detailed.

The assignment is pretty self explanatory, I have followed a method called ‘KISS’ which stands for keep it simple stupid. The assignment description also provides a link to a logo generator that I chose not to use. Out of the design assignments on the ds106 site I chose to do this assignment because the only rule was create a simple but detailed logo. This means I can create a logo using any software I chose whether it is done on Photoshop, Paint or using only logo generators. I have used Photoshop to create my logo as it has a vast range of tools to offer allowing me to create the best piece I can.

Before creating my logo I wondered how a logo can be both simple yet detailed and I figured it out by researching well established company logos such as BootsCoca-Cola and Virgin Media.

boots-logo-vector  coca-cola


As you can seen that the logos above are actually quite simple. The logos are just the company name on a shape. The simplicity of the logos is what makes it detailed, they are not just a two-colour set with random shapes behind the company name, they are specifically chosen to compliment the text. The Boots and Coca-Cola logos are very traditional, while still traditional my logo has more of a modern twist like the Virgin Media logo.

After deciding to create a modern company logo I narrowed down what business sector my logo would represent. I chose the fairly niche industry of gardening/landscaping. The reason I chose this sector is because looking at all the big company logos on Google images there was nothing to do with this industry. With a deeper look into gardening company logos I came across many such as these below:


They are all quite similar and fairly detailed compared with the well known established companies, as you can see they have all incorporated the colour green and used and element of nature such as a plant or finger print. Why my logo is different to the general gardening company logos is the way I have combined the proved successful features of the traditional logos such as the two-colour way simple font and a solid shape behind the text and then combining that with the general gardening logo theme using the colour green and have naturistic features.

Now its time to show the creation process of my logo. I started off by importing a simple of image of a clip-art leaf into Photoshop. The leaf is going to be the background shape that the company name sits on. I then added my made up companies name ‘Easy Green’ onto the leaf in a white, simple, friendly font to stick with the gardening colour theme.


Above is how the first draft of the logo looked. I was very happy with the base idea of how the text fits with the shape of the leaf  but I knew that changes had to be made to make this logo more presentable. The main problem that needed changing was the leaf itself, it was far to detailed for a background shape and takes the eyes of the company name so I decided to edit it.


It was a fairly simple edit, all I did was enter the filter gallery on Photoshop and selected the Water Paper effect within the Sketch folder then adjusted the contrast until the leaf was a bold green colour. After looking at the leaf I decided a solid bold green colour wasn’t enough so I added some finishing touches.


A layer style was added to the leaf to create a darker effect in the middle using the adjustments under the stroke tab. This added a darker shade of green to the centre of the leaf and left the outside a lighter shade. This goes against part of what the most successful company logos do by having a two colour way style, as I have gone for three colours.


This is the finished logo, I am happy with the way it has turned out. My original inspiration behind creating this logo was to make it similar to the Boots, Coca-Cola or Virgin logo but have it looking like a gardening company logo. However I have gone away from this idea slightly by outlining the text in black and not having just a single colour background shape. I find this logo to be a great combination of gardening company logos shown above and the worldwide logos shown above by applying both characteristics into one.


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