Mountain Cover

This is my submission to the create An Album Cover  visual assignment found on the ds106 site. This assignments difficulty is rated 3 out of 5 stars.

I chose to do this assignment because it has quite a unique structure which I liked. To complete the process of making an album cover the assignment gave us a set of instructions which had to be followed. The requirement for this assignment was to create an album cover using a provided band name, title of album and album cover picture. Although everybody has the same instructions for this assignment what makes it unique is the way we acquire the name of the band, the title of the album and the album cover. In this assignment we could make the cover on any software from Microsoft Paint to Photoshop. I would not have done this assignment if I had to use Microsoft Paint I have used Photoshop because I can create something to a certain quality I’m proud to make and publish for others to see.
I have also hyper-linked the correct pages if people want to try this assignment out for themselves, you can follow the process and steps I have done below.

My band name is called ‘Fever Crumb Series’ so to come up with the name of your band you have to click this random wiki link and whatever the title of the Wikipedia page is now your band name. wiki-shot

Now to find out what the title of the album is called you have find a quote from this page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and take the last 4 to 5 words off of the end of the last quote. The title of my album is called ‘Neither  Liberty Nor Safety’ as these were the end words of the quote I had to choose.titleshot

The last step was to find an album cover picture. To do this we were sent to over to a page on Flickr and from there you have to use the third picture along. The picture I had to use was a mountain range which I was actually rather happy with compared to some of the other pictures I could have been given.albumsnip

After I got my band name, album title and the album cover picture I had to merge them all together to create the album cover in whatever creative way I like. The reason I decided to use Photoshop to create my album cover because I want it at the best quality I can get and it allows more ways to be creative with the vast range of tools and effects. In Photoshop the main thing I did was sized the image to make it square like an album cover and edit the text. I made the text colour similar to the general colour of the mountains and to make it stand out so it didn’t blend into the mountain I added the drop shadow effect to the text. The drop shadow allows the text to be read easily as well as being able to stick with the colour theme. I edited the picture of the mountains by adding ‘noise’ to it. The reason I added noise to it is because it’s a very sharp image and the noise softens it a bit so it makes the text fit and blend in more so they don’t look separate.



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